Driving License Download PDF

Driving license is essential for anyone who wants to drive. Now, with online services, you can easily download your driving license as a PDF without multiple visits to the transport office.

Having a digital copy of your driving license is convenient and ensures you always have it handy. This article will guide you on how to quickly and easily download your driving license PDF.

Steps to Download Driving License PDF

Driving Licence Services
  • Select Your State: Click on “Select State Name” and choose your state from the list.
  • Search for Your Application: Choose “Other” and then “Search Related Application.”
  • Enter Your Details: Fill in your driving license number, date of birth, and the captcha code.
Download DL PDF
  • Submit Your Information: Click “Submit” to view your information.
  • View Your Driving License: Click on your Driving License Number to view the details.
  • Download or Print Your License: Use the print option below the license to print or download it as a PDF.
Additionally, you can also get your driving license in PDF format via DigiLocker by following the steps provided below.

Download Driving License PDF via DigiLocker

  • Access DigiLocker: Open the DigiLocker app or visit DigiLocker.
  • Log In: Log in with your mobile number and password.
  • Search for Your Document: Click “Search Document” and select “Driving Licence All-State.”
  • Download Your License: Enter your driving license number and click “Get Document” to download your license in PDF format.
To download your driving license PDF, you will need your driving license number, date of birth, access to the mobile number registered with your driving license for any required OTP verification, and a stable internet connection.